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The Generational InstituteTM is an on-demand, virtual training curriculum designed to help organizations provide their employees with the tools and resources needed to become Generationally SavvyTM and transform generational issues and obstacles into opportunities.

TGITM is composed of four Generationally SavvyTM Pillars
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Each pillar cover the essentials of “What Makes Each Generation Tick and What Ticks Them Off©.”

TGITM addresses the key generational pain points and generational issues that directly impact your bottom-line.

Why Organizations Must Shift Their Training Strategy

More than half of the world population is 25 years of age or younger and Generation X and Millennials have vastly different preferences when it comes to professional development. They prefer to learn independently often using computer-based training or the Internet. Organizations who adapt to meet the unique needs of this group will be better positioned to attract and retain top talent.

In a multi-generational workforce, there is potential for negative stereotyping which leads to unconscious bias and management missteps that cost time and money. The concerns and needs of each generation is uniquely different and leaders must learn to develop and coach employees according to their individual needs.

An Insightful Curriculum that is Both Comprehensive and Flexible

Participants can log in to TGI™ from their device of choice and work from anywhere, whether they are at their desk, working from a coffee shop, or riding the bus.

Each TGI™ Pillar has 8 modules to guide the participant through a Generationally Savvy learning experience. Each module has three dynamic and flexible learning tools: a video, a lesson, and an optional quiz.Anna Liotta Generational Differences Devices-300x250

  • Each module begins with a 3 to 7 minute, high-quality training video.
  • Next is an interactive lesson that engages the learner and takes an in-depth look at the focused principle for that module.
  • After viewing the video and engaging with the interactive lesson, the team member can immediately demonstrate their Generational IntelligenceTM by completing a brief quiz.
  • Once participants have completed the quiz, they can move on to the next module at their own pace.

Customized Dashboard

Anna Liotta Generational Differences dashboard-300x234Leaders and managers have access to a customized dashboard where they can monitor their team’s progress, run reports, and easily add and remove new participants.

Organizations can license access to the entire TGITM or begin the Core Pillar (Unlocking Generational CODESTM) and then select only the pillars that directly serve their current priorities (Leading, Selling, or Serving).

TGITM can be implemented as a solution for your office, region, division or enterprise.

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“What Makes the Generations Tick and What Ticks Them Off”Learn how to create a GENERATIONALLY SAVVY Organization

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