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Pillar 2
Leading the Generations

Today’s leaders must be nimble. They must manage, coach, mentor, and inspire their team. It’s no longer sufficient to expect one leadership style or approach to work with people of all ages. Dealing with 76 million Millennials and their helicopter parents is stretching leaders to the breaking point. They are stretched while balancing the stress of replacing work-centric Boomers as they retire or move on to their “entrepreneurial encore.”

Managing Millennials

With talent management being a top priority to attract, grow and retain top talent of all generations. Add to that the elevated expectations of work being fun, flexible, and engaging, and it becomes clear leaders need help managing millennials.
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The Generational Institute™’s, Leading the Generations Pillar helps managers, coaches, and leaders. They learn how to optimize their time, energy, and communication choices to resonate with each generation. Leaders will learn how to improve their results in recruiting, onboarding, retention, and feedback. They do this by leveraging the Generational CODESTM of the people they manage, motivate, and lead.

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